327 Federal 100 grain DEWC @ 900 fps.


This is a 50 round box.

Bullet Weight: 100 Grains.
Bullet Type: Rim Rock Bullets, Double Ended Wad Cutter.
Muzzle Velocity: 900 fps.
Muzzle Energy: 180 ft. lbs.

Ruger LCR, 1.87″ Barrel @ 900 fps.
Ruger Single Seven, 4.62″ Barrel @ 975 fps.

This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.

This is an old school self defense load that won’t make your hand hurt when shooting it from your light weight snub nosed revolver.

Our 100 grain, Hard Cast (BHN 12) DEWC will penetrate very deeply. We got around 27″ of penetration in ballistic gelatin through 4 layers of denim. We have shot some great groups with this round at 25 yards, both from our LCR and our Single Seven.

The 100 grain DEWC is moving out at 900 fps. from a 1.87″ barrel. Not all barrels are created equal, chronographs don’t always agree with each other and atmospheric conditions can affect velocities. That being said, we believe that you can expect to get similar results.


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