1080 Rounds of .30 Carbine Ammo in Ammo Can by Korean Military Surplus – 110gr FMJ


Ammo Overview

Ammo Quantity – 1,080 rounds per ammo can
Ammo Manufacturer – Korean Military Surplus
Projectiles – 110 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
Ammo Casings – Boxer-primed brass

Introduction to .30 Carbine Ammo

The .30 Carbine ammunition has a rich history and versatile application, making it a sought-after choice among firearm enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a novice, understanding the nuances of .30 Carbine ammo is crucial. This comprehensive guide will delve into the critical aspects of .30 Carbine ammunition, exploring its origins, ballistics, and optimal uses.

The Evolution of .30 Carbine

Initially developed for the M1 Carbine during World War II, the .30 Carbine cartridge has become a popular choice for civilian firearms. Known for its moderate recoil and reliable performance, this ammunition has found its place in various rifles and pistols. We’ll explore the historical context and how advancements have shaped the modern .30 Carbine round.

Ballistics and Performance Characteristics

Understanding the ballistics of .30 Carbine ammo is essential for making informed decisions. This section will cover key performance characteristics, including muzzle velocity, energy, and bullet types. Knowing how .30 Carbine performs in different scenarios will help you maximize its effectiveness whether you’re using it for target shooting, self-defense, or hunting.

 Choosing the Right .30 Carbine Ammo for Your Needs

With many options, selecting the right .30 Carbine ammo can be overwhelming. This section will guide you through factors to consider, such as bullet weight, bullet type, and intended use. Whether you’re looking for precision accuracy or stopping power, we’ll help you make an informed choice.

Conclusion: Making the Most of .30 Carbine Ammo

In conclusion, .30 Carbine ammo offers a versatile and reliable option for firearm enthusiasts. You can make the most of this ammunition by understanding its history and ballistics and choosing the right type for your needs. Explore our selection at Gunsarms.com to find high-quality .30 Carbine ammo for sale and elevate your shooting experience.


National governments often make too much ammo. (They hope it will be too much when they make it, at least.) And when they finally decide to get rid of it, they sell in bulk to handsome people like those of us who work at BulkAmmo.com. We now have pallets of this fine 30 Carbine ammunition, which was made in Korea in the 1980s.

This cartridge features a standard 110 grain full metal jacket projectile, which doesn’t expand because South Korea didn’t wish to violate the Hague Convention in the process of defending their border. Unlike many milsurp rounds, its casing is brass and its primer is a Boxer, making it a great choice for the ardent handloader.

These 1,080 rounds come in a mil-spec steel ammo can, so they are ideal for even longer storage. They are loaded on 10-round stripper clips to make loading your M1 carbine easier, and those clips are in turn stored in fabric bandoliers.

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