50 Rounds of .45 ACP Ammo by PMC – 230gr FMJ


Ammo Overview

Quantity – 50 rounds per box
Manufacturer – PMC
Bullets – 230 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
Casings – Boxer primed brass
Manufacturer Item # – 45A

45 acp ammo 100 rounds

The 45 acp ammo 100 rounds is popular brand among high-volume shooters for its consistency and reasonable cost, Precision Made Cartridges (PMC) are made in South Korea by the Poongsan Corporation, which makes small arms and artillery ammunition for South Korea’s large military. In business for nearly 50 years, the company keeps costs down and ammo quality consistent through its vertically integrated supply chain and rigorous quality control measures. Cartridges are electronically tested for powder weight in order to ensure loading accuracy.

Feature of the 45 acp ammo 100 rounds/45 acp rounds

One of the key features of the .45 acp ammo 100 rounds cartridge is its size. It is significantly larger than many other handgun calibers, such as the 9mm Luger and .40 S&W. This size difference allows the .45 ACP to deliver a larger and more powerful bullet, which can be beneficial for stopping attackers or for shooting through obstacles. However, the larger size of the .45 ACP cartridge also means that it has more recoil than smaller calibers, which can make it more difficult to control for some shooters.

In addition to its stopping power, the .45 ACP is also known for its reliability. It is a fairly simple cartridge design and has fewer moving parts than many other handgun calibers, which makes it less prone to malfunction. This reliability makes it a popular choice for self-defense situations where a firearm may be needed in a hurry.

The .45 ACP is also a popular choice for target shooting and competition. It is used in many pistol shooting sports, such as the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) and the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). Many shooters find the .45 ACP to be a fun and challenging caliber to shoot, particularly when competing in these sports.

45 acp ammo 100 rounds


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